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Potemkin’s Refugee Policy – A One Year Review of the European Refugee Response

a review by NOW-participant Georg Gassauer
International Mayors' Conference NOW in Athens 2016

In July 2016 in Athens about 60 participants – mayors, experts, NGO-representatives and refugees –  came together to challenge the so-called EU-Turkey-Deal on refugees. The debates focused on the implementation of the agreement and on the consequences for refugees and locals on site.

Georg Gassauer, participant at the NOW Conference in Athens and researcher at the Princeton University’s Liechtenstein Institute on Self Determination, now published his review on one year of the EU refugee response. His main point is that, “while official numbers of refugees crossing the Aegean have dropped dramatically, senior policy makers continue to neglect new problems that have arisen as a consequence of these actions.” Based on his experiences from Vienna to the Turkish/Syrian border Gassauer makes four major recommendations to policy makers.

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