The NOW-Network


The NOW Conferences connect stakeholders of several levels, Experts, MEPs, Mayors, Civil Servants, NGOs and refugees. In order to intensify the network of players active in the field of asylum and migration in the countries of origin, transit and refuge, Act.Now established the NOW-Network.

“Migration is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be managed.”  

Act.Now aspires to a respectful and appreciative social coexistence to be possible in the near and distant future. The NOW Network is based on philospohy and values, which we have in common with our network partners. Therefore, we reserve the right to a content check before publishing your link.

All members of the NOW Network will be published here:

How to join the NOW Network

To become a part of the NOW Network please fill-in the registration form. Your organization’s name, a short self-description, a link to your website and your logo will be published on the network-page. If your content does not fit the specifications (see below), slight editing – as an adjustment of the logo or an abridgment of the description – may be made.

After completing the form, you will receive a message with the option to return a logo of you / your organization.

If you have any question about the NOW Network, please contact us!

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